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Catastrophic & Serious Injury Lawyer in Bryan, TX

Catastrophic injuries impair major life functions. Long-term medical care may be required. The ability to earn a living wage may be compromised or eliminated altogether. Ensuring enough money is recovered to replace lost income and pay for future medical care is vital. It could be a matter of life and death.

A person laying down on a couch. with a cast on their leg. Our serious injury lawyer in Bryan, TX knows how devastating a severe injury can be Our experienced team can help.

For this reason, catastrophic injury cases require careful planning, resources, and relentless advocacy. It starts with legal liability:

  • At trial, will a preponderance (greater weight) of the credible evidence show that the other party proximately caused the occurrence in question?

  • Are there any aggravating circumstances which add value to the case (e.g., drugs, alcohol, prior crashes/incidents, other red flags, etc.)?

  • Was the other driver (or actor) acting within the course and scope of any employment?

To secure the evidence necessary to properly handle these cases requires a team of experts – private investigators, engineers, and other subject-matter experts in the fields of study related to the incident that led to the injury.

In the short-term, there might be extremely high hospital bills and doctors’ bills for acute medical care which is compounded by a simultaneous loss of income and/or health insurance or benefits.  

In the long-term, there might be a need for in-patient/out-patient care, surgeries, physical or cognitive rehabilitation, doctors, specialists, nursing care, imaging studies, lab work, medical equipment, medications, or 24/7 care in some cases. In addition, home modifications may be required to accommodate a wheelchair or make the bathrooms more handicap accessible. A new or modified family car may also be required to help a patient get to and from their doctor’s office.

Understanding what a patient will need in the future requires bringing in the right experts –physical medical and rehabilitation (PM&R) doctors, life-care planners, and economists.

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