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Car Accident Lawyer in Cameron, TX

Though Cameron, TX is a desirable place to live, car accident occur from time to time in the Cameron area. These accidents can have a severe impact on victims and their families. Fortunately, you have legal rights following a collision. If someone causes a car accident and causes you damages, you can fight for proper compensation. This compensation may allow you to seek proper medical care and can keep your family from falling into debt to pay for your treatment.

All too often, insurance companies don’t cooperate when it comes to paying settlements. Or insurance settlements may not be sufficient to cover all your expenses and bills. Victims are often vulnerable to predatory actions by the insurance companies as well as the other driver’s attorney. To protect yourself and pursue proper compensation in civil court, you need representation from a personal injury attorney and skilled car accident lawyer.

How Do You Find the Best Cameron, TX Car Accident Attorney?

Car wreck attorney Brian Gutierrez and team have been protecting victims of Cameron, College Station, Bryan, and other area car accidents for almost 20 years. In this time, we have developed a reputation for respect and success with our clients. In fact, many of our clients are repeat customers and send their families to us for legal issues. This happens because we treat all our clients to honest, straightforward legal advice.

Our strategies are tailored to the specific circumstances of your case, so you are getting personalized care when you work with us. You will work directly with Attorney Gutierrez throughout your case instead of an inexperienced car accident lawyer. If you are searching for the best car accident attorney in Cameron, TX, the team at the Law Offices of Brian Gutierrez is here for you.

Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

As mentioned, insurance companies often don’t cooperate when it’s time to pay a settlement. This is because their top priority is profits, not the wellbeing of their clients. To avoid paying your settlement, insurance companies often contact you after a car accident to pressure you into saying that you don’t need medical attention or admitting that the accident wasn’t so bad. They may even become aggressive and imply that you are obligated to give a statement. The reality is that you are within your rights to hire a Cameron car accident lawyer before giving any type of statement.

If you do experience injuries that require medical treatments, the insurance company may want to verify your injuries. In some situations, this means sending a private investigator to follow you and ensure that your activities and actions correspond with your claimed condition. This can be incredibly invasive and should not occur. A car wreck lawyer can help mitigate some of this harassment. We can speak with the insurance on your behalf so you don’t inadvertently admit fault or minimize your injuries. While we field their calls, we continue to build a case for you to take to civil court.

Why Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Navasota?

Car accident damages come in many forms, and you may seek compensation to provide financial relief from each. Compensation may be available for your current medical bills, as well as future medical bills from ongoing care. Common injuries include:

Remember, you will be responsible for any resulting bills unless you negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies or pursue a personal injury claim in civil court.

Many of these things need to be replaced if they are broken or repaired if damaged. Without settlement or insurance money, you must pay for these services yourself.

Finally, many people suffer mental and emotional trauma from car accidents. Some have PTSD, while others experience higher levels of anxiety and depression in their daily lives. Mental health services can help with this, but without a settlement, the cost will be your responsibility. A Cameron personal injury lawyer can help you pursue pain and suffering compensation to cover your lasting pain and emotional suffering.

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To protect yourself, your family, and your property after a car accident, you need the services of a skilled Cameron car wreck attorney. The Law Offices of Bryan Gutierrez is the best in the area, and we are here to help residents of Cameron, Brenham, Huntsville, and cities nearby. Contact us today to get started.

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