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Car Accident Attorney in Huntsville, TX

Car accident insurance claims and personal injury cases can be much more serious than one would think. Because cars have the potential to cause a significant amount of damage, the aftermath of a crash can have a lifelong impact on the victims and their families. Many people are also surprised to learn that insurance companies aren’t always helpful. However, they ultimately have their own interests at heart and work diligently to avoid expensive payouts and support for their clients.

For this reason, it is critical to secure representation from a skilled Huntsville car accident lawyer for your car accident case. If your insurance company refuses to pay, or the other driver’s attorney tries to blame you, you could face medical bills and car repair bills few can afford, all while attempting to recover from your injuries.

Need a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Huntsville, TX?

Car accidents have the potential to change your life completely. A car or truck accident can leave you or a loved one with permanent injuries, including back injuries or spinal cord injuries. The medical treatment involved can leave a person with expensive medical bills that your insurance company may not cover. If you or a family member have been injured in a car crash, look for a car accident injury lawyer in Huntsville, TX.

How can a Huntsville car accident lawyer help you? An experienced law firm can give you a free case evaluation and determine the best approach to pursuing compensation. When you are injured through no fault of your own, you have the right to receive compensation for your injuries. In many cases, accident victims can receive a settlement that provides full financial recovery. You may even receive extra money for your pain and suffering. Consider how the legal process works.

How Can You Find the Best Huntsville Car Accident Lawyer?

Attorney Brian Gutierrez and the Huntsville car accident attorney team have almost two decades of experience pursuing compensation for car accidents in Bryan, College Station, Navasota, and the surrounding area. We believe that no one should be financially ruined because of a car accident. Our car accident attorney in Huntsville will work diligently to hold insurance companies responsible for their promises and help you get the settlement that you deserve after a car accident.

While our entire team is behind you, you will always work directly with the firm owner and head personal injury attorney Brian Gutierrez. You won’t be passed off to an attorney with less experience, and that’s our promise. We provide comprehensive and tailored Huntsville car accident lawyer representation that competing firms can’t hope to match.

How Can a Personal Injury Case Provide You With Compensation?

Texas is a fault state, meaning that the insurance of the person responsible for a car accident pays for both victims’ damages. This is in contrast to no-fault states, where each driver turns to their prospective insurance companies for payouts after a Huntsville crash, regardless of who caused it.

Unfortunately, the fault system also means that insurance companies can argue for days, or even weeks, regarding who was at fault for the crash. Determining fault can be difficult, and the answer isn’t always clear. This puts the drivers at a disadvantage, as they have to wait for a decision to receive a payout. Even then, the insurance payout may not cover every expense that they have.

A car accident case occurs in civil court and aims to determine who is at fault for the accident and assign compensation for any damages incurred by the victim. Effective arguments by a skilled car accident lawyer in Huntsville can lead to compensatory damages above and beyond the initial insurance settlement. If the insurance companies haven’t come to a conclusion about what to do, a civil case can also force them to take responsibility.

Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You Get a Settlement After a Personal Injury From a Car Accident?

After a car accident in Huntsville, Texas, you will want to reach out to a local Huntsville car accident lawyer. It’s always best to work with a law firm that knows the local laws and court system. Personal injury cases vary from state to state and even from county to county. Working with local lawyers increases your chances of getting a settlement quickly. How do settlements work in Texas car accident cases?

In order to receive a settlement for your injuries, you have to file a lawsuit in a Huntsville, Texas court. You will need legal representation to file a lawsuit successfully. A car accident attorney in Huntsville can help you to draft the lawsuit and file it with the appropriate court. Your lawyer will name the liable party, which is the person who is at fault for the accident. Consider how Texas personal injury law works below.

The Texas civil code defines how personal injury cases should be handled in civil courts. According to the civil code, you can file a lawsuit for a personal injury within two years of the accident happening. You are allowed to recover all of the economic damages that resulted from the accident. Economic damages are those that you can document and add up. These include medical bills, car expenses, payments to your insurance company, and even lost wages.

It is also possible to add an amount to your lawsuit for pain and suffering, also known as non-economic damages. However, you should still consult an attorney to determine how much to sue for. Attorneys can help you add up all of your damages, both economic and non-economic, and present your lawsuit correctly in Huntsville, TX.

Many car accident victims make the mistake of assuming that a lawsuit is frivolous or unnecessary. They may expect their insurance company to pay for their damages. Others may believe that they can handle court proceedings on their own without the help of a Huntsville car accident lawyer. Although it is possible for you to represent yourself in court, you will still need the help of an attorney to prepare your lawsuit and file it correctly.

No attorney would ever recommend that you represent yourself. Your insurance company and the other parties involved in the accident likely have their own attorneys. You will be at a severe disadvantage if you don’t have your own team of lawyers. You may also be surprised by legal fees that you have to pay. Small mistakes on forms could delay your compensation for months. Even in the best case, you will likely leave money on the table.

One of the main reasons to consider working with Huntsville personal injury lawyers is that insurance companies are notoriously reluctant to pay what they should. If you were not at fault for the car accident, then your insurance company will want the other driver to pay for your injuries. However, the other driver’s insurance policy may not cover your damages completely. According to insurance law, you have the right to receive compensation from your insurance company too.

Nevertheless, your insurance provider will likely try to pay as little as possible. Their primary concern is their bottom line, not your best interest. When you team up with a car accident attorney in Huntsville, you make it clear that you are serious about your rights. Your insurance provider is much more likely to listen to your demands as a result, which can lead to full financial recovery of your damages.

Many people assume that they can only receive compensation for expenses that are directly related to the car accident. We usually think of medical expenses and the cost of car repairs. However, attorneys know that a car accident has a much greater financial impact. For example, you might have missed work while you recovered. You can sue for lost wages after a car or truck accident as well. This amount can be added to your car accident case.

Likewise, if you had to spend money on a housekeeper or babysitter while you were recovering, those expenses can also form part of your car accident claim. Even small things like hospital parking add up very quickly and should be considered. Physical injuries are just one part of a car accident case. When you work with a Huntsville car accident lawyer, you will be made financially whole again.

Many Texas drivers wrongly believe that they cannot receive compensation if they are partially at fault for a car accident. However, car accidents in Texas follow a state rule called the Modified Comparative Fault Rule. This rule states that when two people are found to be at fault for a car or truck accident, the person most at fault for the crash must compensate the other. The minority at-fault party receives reduced compensation. Consider an example.

Suppose you were on your phone while driving. This is considered a form of negligence. But if a driver made an improper left-hand turn and crossed in front of your vehicle, they would likely be considered at fault for the accident due to their negligence in making that turn too suddenly. The responding officers may determine that you were 30% responsible for the accident in this case, and your final award would be reduced by the same percentage.

Should You Get a Huntsville Car Accident Lawyer After You Are Rear-Ended?

Rear end cases, head-on collision cases, and other common types of car accident cases are extremely important because there is a great deal at stake. When you experience a car accident or any type, you can sustain a number of injuries, many of which are very serious. Examples include:

Most of these warrant medical attention. This means that your medical bills will likely be significant and, depending on your health insurance coverage, may cause an undue financial burden for an accident that was not your fault. Because most people do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, seeking compensation through the insurance and legal systems is the only way to navigate the aftermath of a car accident with your finances intact. To do so, you’ll need representation from a car accident attorney in Huntsville.

Why Should You Hire a Huntsville Car Accident Attorney After a Car Accident?

Navigating your car accident case by yourself is unwise, even if you do not plan to proceed to court. Insurance companies have many predatory tactics they can use to get you to inadvertently admit fault. They may even have you followed if they believe that you are faking your injuries or your claim isn’t truthful. 

If your case goes to court, you will face the other driver’s car wreck attorney on your own. This will likely end with a significant loss, as they are familiar with the legal system. A personal injury attorney can help you demonstrate the other driver’s fault and pursue compensation for your damages.

How Does a Personal Injury Attorney in Walker County File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or even a situation as serious as wrongful death due to a car or truck accident, you will need to work with a law firm to file a lawsuit. An experienced personal injury lawyer will first review your case and then make recommendations. If your attorney agrees that there is a clear case for compensation, then they will proceed to file a lawsuit. Here is how to start the process:

After car accident injuries or a wrongful death from a crash, the last thing you should have to do is spend more money to speak to an attorney. Look for Texas car accident lawyers that offer a free consultation. Also, ask the car or truck accident attorney if they work on a contingency basis. This means that any fees for legal services will be covered by your settlement.

Personal injury attorneys that specialize in vehicle accidents in Huntsville, Texas will be able to provide you with the best service possible.

You will need to demonstrate the injuries you’ve suffered. Accidents lead to all kinds of expenses. Bring everything you think might be related to your collision. If you are acting on behalf of a loved one who passed away during the accident, you can also bring documents showing funeral and burial expenses.

With all of this information, your attorney can evaluate your case and decide the next steps. There are many successful cases of injured persons suing after accidents in Texas. Nevertheless, no two accidents are the same, so each case needs to be reviewed carefully.

Most cases are resolved out of court. If you have a high degree of evidence to support your claim, you may receive a settlement in as little as a few months. The sooner you start the process, the faster it’ll be resolved.

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How to Find the Best Car Accident Attorney in Huntsville, TX

If you have experienced a car accident in Huntsville, Madisonville, Buffalo, or the surrounding areas, it’s important to seek legal help from an experienced car accident lawyer right away. Without proper legal support, you are vulnerable to predatory insurance companies and financial hardship. For more information about Attorney Brian Gutierrez and how we can help, contact us today.

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