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Protect Your Rights and Finances After a Car Accident

Fortunately, you can take legal action if you get into a car accident. With the help of an experienced car accident attorney in College Station, TX, you can protect your finances and make sure that the other driver is held responsible for your damages.

Attorney Brian Gutierrez: Your Car Accident Attorney in College Station, TX

If you get into a car accident in College Station, Attorney Brian C. Gutierrez and our firm are here for you. For almost two decades, our personal injury attorney in College Station has been fighting for our clients after car accidents and tragedies of all kinds. We have the background necessary to handle your case with care and expertise. We understand the significant impact that a car accident can have on your entire life. This is why our car accident lawyer in College Station works so hard for drivers in College Station, Bryan, Hempstead, Huntsville, and beyond. We don’t want anyone to experience financial ruin because of an accident that was not their fault, to begin with. When you work with an expert car wreck attorney like Attorney Brian Gutierrez, you can expect individualized care tailored to your unique needs. Texas sees a staggering 230,000 people injured in car accidents each year. If you’ve become one of these unfortunate victims, you may be entitled to financial compensation for the medical bills of your injuries and many other damages besides. Following the crash, you’re likely to be in a state of shock or bewilderment, especially if you were seriously injured. But those first crucial hours, days, and weeks after an accident require prompt action if you wish to receive a full and fair settlement.

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How Can a Personal Injury Attorney in College Station Help Me After a Car Accident?

After a College Station car accident, there is often damage to the vehicles, the surrounding area, as well as the drivers and passengers themselves. This results in medical bills, car repair bills, and property damage bills. Most people believe that insurance companies will pay for all of this, but this isn’t always the case.

Texas is a fault state, meaning that insurance companies must determine who is responsible for an accident before they will pay. This is distinctive from no-fault states, where each driver’s insurance company pays for their client’s portion of the bills. In fault states like Texas, it can take weeks or even months for the insurance companies to settle on who is at fault. While they are arguing, you are stuck with significant bills and repairs.

With the help of a car accident lawyer in College Station, you can fight for what you deserve. Though the insurance companies may attempt to avoid payment, our car accident attorney in College Station can help you earn a settlement that compensates for your bills, lost wages, suffering, and other damages.

Your Attorney Can Get the Ball Rolling for You

An experienced car accident attorney can answer all your questions and concerns and clarify your legal options. By bringing a lawyer on board at this early stage, you’re also ensuring that your claim starts off on the right foot.

Your lawyer has extensive legal know-how and experience with similar cases to yours. They can help you avoid costly mistakes that might hinder your chances of receiving fair compensation, such as admitting fault to some degree.

Your attorney will calculate the full value of your damages, collect evidence, retain expert witnesses, and provide you with support and confidence in your claim. If necessary, an experienced lawyer can even try your case in court.

Save Your Energy For Recovering Your Health

Negotiating with insurance companies can be daunting and exhausting at the best of times. And car accident victims with serious injuries are in a weakened state. This makes it all the more difficult to face an insurance adjuster who may well seek to trip you up and dispute your claim. An attorney takes over all such communications for you. They take the burden and stress of the claim off your shoulders, so you’re freed up to focus on recovering your health while your lawyer goes about recovering your finances.

Always Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Even if you feel fine directly following a car crash, it’s important to obtain medical care without delay. Have your physician check thoroughly for any injuries.

This is important because car accident injuries sometimes have delayed symptoms. Pain can also be masked by the adrenaline of the experience, only to rear its ugly head later on.

If you fail to seek medical attention after a car wreck, it’ll be harder to later prove that you suffered injuries in the accident. And if a serious injury then develops, you might be facing medical costs out of your own pocket.

Typical Car Accident Injuries

The most common car accident injury is whiplash, which is usually pretty minor but can sometimes cause long-term complications and even spinal injury in the worst of cases. Other relatively minor accident injuries include sprains, strains, bruises, and tissue damage. Broken arms, legs, wrists, and ankles make up the majority of hospitalizations following a car accident. More serious injuries include broken pelvises, compound fractures, and nerve damage. Occasionally, accident victims suffer catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. No matter how light or severe your injuries are, a car accident lawyer can help you seek full and fair compensation for the medical bills and other harm that you’ve suffered.

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Know The Full Value of Your Damages

Accident victims who choose to retain a car accident lawyer receive three and a half times more money in compensation than victims who don’t, on average. One reason for this is that inexperienced victims simply don’t know the true value of their car accident claims. Without the legal counsel of a lawyer, they frequently follow the guidance of the insurance company instead. But an insurance company will always seek to minimize payouts, and they’ll often offer you a low-ball settlement figure. They’re hoping you’ll accept before you speak to an attorney and learn the full value of damages you’re entitled to receive.

Economic Damages

The most straightforward of damages are the ones with a clear financial cost. Economic damages usually have a receipt attached.

First and foremost, you can seek to recover all of your medical expenses resulting from the accident. If you have serious long-term injuries, you can also claim for the future costs of treatment.

Lost wages due to your injuries are another common form of economic damage, as are future lost wages due to reduced capacity to earn a living. Property damage, such as damage to your car, can also be recovered.

Non-Economic Damages

Car accidents also frequently leave victims suffering damages that are more subjective in nature. For example, you can claim financial recompense for all the emotional distress you’ve experienced. Other non-economic damage includes loss of enjoyment in life, pain and suffering damages, physical impairment, disability, disfigurement, and loss of consortium.

Although more subjective in nature than physical injuries sustained, non-economic damages often make up a substantial portion of a final accident settlement. Car accident lawyers are experts at proving the monetary value of these types of damages.

Car Accident Lawyers Gather Evidence To Prove Your Claim

Perhaps the most crucial role of a personal injury attorney is to gather the evidence required to prove the value of your damages and also to prove the other driver’s liability. With most car crash claims, this is difficult for a claimant to do alone.

Proving Liability

For you to receive a full and fair settlement, your attorney must prove the defendant’s negligence and liability for the accident. This can be a complex process, especially when an accident involves multiple responsible parties. The other driver might have been guilty of distracted driving, reckless driving, drunk driving, fatigued driving, failing to yield the right of way, ignoring traffic signals, or some other form of negligence. All of which must be proven with robust evidence. Such evidence might include police reports, witness statements, photos or videos of the crash scene, surveillance camera footage, and more. An experienced car accident lawyer or law firm will also have a database of expert witnesses who can provide testimony, further strengthening your claim.

Proving the Value of Your Damages

Even when negligence is proven, your car accident lawyer must also prove that the defendant was responsible for the full extent of your damages. This often requires medical records, test results, letters from employers, letters from physicians, and more expert witness testimony.

Without a car accident lawyer, you can gain some guidance on proving your own damages from the Texas Department of Insurance and other resources. But learning car accident law is a long uphill struggle for most. Far better to have it all handled by a competent lawyer.

Your Car Accident Lawyer Negotiates for You

Negotiating with insurance companies requires an experienced attorney. And in any local College Station car accident claim, the personal injury lawyer should have intimate knowledge of local Texan car accident law.

Experienced personal injury attorneys know how to negotiate firmly and effectively. They know all the tricks and strategies the insurance company will employ and can fight hard to recover the full compensation you deserve.

Attorneys Can Also Try Your Case In Court

Most car accidents and truck accidents are resolved with a settlement offer outside of court. But you might have to take legal action by filing a lawsuit, for which you’ll need legal representation. It’s important to know that many car accident lawyers don’t have experience trying cases in court before a judge and jury. This is because a car accident claim will settle out of court most of the time.

For your College Station car accident claim, consider hiring a car accident lawyer with experience trying cases before a jury. And ask them what their win rate is. This will prepare you for the possibility of a lawsuit and also help you negotiate a fair settlement outside of court. Insurance companies rarely want the expense of a court case they’re likely to lose.

When Car Accidents Lead to Court Cases

Car accident claims only escalate to a lawsuit about 5% of the time. This usually happens when the figure for compensation can’t be agreed upon and negotiations grind to a halt. A court case is more likely to happen with complex and serious accidents where liability is unclear or the full extent of the victim’s damages is harder to prove. A successful court case requires an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge of personal injury law.

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Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in College Station After a Car Wreck?

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that are often predatory. Many people are shocked to hear this, as we have been taught that insurance exists to help us. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Insurance companies focus on the bottom line—their own profits. This means that they will do anything in their power to avoid having to pay a settlement. They have been known to pressure victims into making statements, intimidate policyholders, and even have victims followed to verify their daily activities and injuries.

These tactics are invasive and intimidating and should not occur. When you have a College Station car accident attorney on your side, you can trust us to handle all interactions with insurance companies. Our car wreck lawyers know about the tactics these companies use and can interact with them on your behalf. The expertise of our car accident lawyers allows us to give insurance companies the statements they request without damaging your case or admitting fault.

How To Choose Your Attorney

The majority of College Station car accident lawyers offer a free case evaluation and consultation, so contact some legal professionals and arrange a consultation. It’s best to focus on personal injury lawyers who specialize in helping victims of car crashes in the College Station area. Ideally, they should be specialists in car wreck injuries in particular.

Ask them how much they believe you can win when you seek compensation for your medical bills, property damage, and other damages. Ask them how much it’s possible for the insurance company to pay out on your claim. Also, ask them if they foresee any obstacles and weaknesses in your case. It’s always good to know about potential problems in advance.

Request Testimonials and Success Stories

Be sure to ask each personal injury lawyer you talk to for testimonials and examples of their previous success stories. Ideally, they should be able to tell you about a recent successful College Station car accident case similar to yours. This will affirm their credentials and also give you a picture of how the entire legal process works with them. You can even request referrals to contact directly and see if they readily agree. Make sure that you get along well with your lawyer too. Car wreck claims often last many months, and on rare occasions, with severe injuries, several years. You want to have a good rapport with your lawyer for the duration of the case.

Hire An Attorney On A Contingency Fee Basis

For each car accident attorney you meet, also find out how the fee structure works for their legal services. Almost all personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means you’ll only pay them if and when you win a settlement. And their legal fees come out of the final settlement figure. Make sure that case-related expenses are included in this contingency agreement. You wouldn’t want to foot the bill for the various ongoing expenses that every case accrues, such as expert witness fees, filing fees, medical record retrieval fees, and postage costs.

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Should I Get a Personal Injury Lawyer in College Station After a Rear-End Accident?

You may suffer a variety of injuries after a car accident, including rear end accidents, head on collisions, and more. Your injuries will depend upon your unique circumstances, but there are some common accident injuries that occur frequently. They include:

  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Concussions and brain injuries
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Dental injuries
  • Whiplash

If you are unsure whether you have been injured after your car accident, it is best to see a doctor. The sooner you seek medical attention, the easier it is for your personal injury lawyer in College Station to tie your injuries to the accident. Without medical proof, the insurance companies and their respective personal injury attorneys may try to claim that your injuries resulted from something else.

How Can You Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer in College Station?​

After a car accident in College Station or the surrounding areas, it is critical to secure the services of an expert car accident attorney. Attorney Brian Gutierrez and his team are here to help you with the best representation in the area. We can help to protect you from insurance company tactics and help you earn the compensation that you deserve.

Contact Brian C. Gutierrez today for a free consultation. With an experienced, nationally recognized College Station car accident attorney fighting your corner, you’re far more likely to win the fair settlement you deserve. For more information, please contact us online today.

“No words describe how amazing it is to work with Brian.” J.T.

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